Castlelyons Community Council – February Meeting

Castlelyons Grand Avenue


A major revamp and makeover is planned by our Tidy Towns group of the Grand Avenue from Stables Cross to Kearney Bros. garage. It is proposed to plant a single line of trees along the western side of the avenue thus making a beautiful visual impact when entering or leaving the village. Some of the existing trees will need to be removed and it is also hoped to lay down cable ducting to cater for future street lighting needs. The project going ahead will depend on funding available from Avondhu Blackwater and other sources.




Youth Club


The formation of a youth club came up again for discussion with a small turnout at a previous meeting. It was felt that notification about the meeting was short and should also have been put up on Facebook. The meeting felt that an outing to Cork/Mahon Point etc should be arranged for the teenagers of the parish before the evenings get longer and it was agreed that the Community Council would pay for a bus to Cork on a Sat eve. if there was enough of a take up on the trip. The bus would leave in the afternoon and return to Castlelyons at 8pm. Anyone interested should contact any member of the Community Council.




Housing for the Elderly Field


Several suggestions were made as to how to wind up the Housing Association company formed to deal with the project initially. The cost of annual audits for a company that no longer traded could not be sustained and the chairman has made several attempts to get advice as to what road we go down. If possible the company may be merged into the existing Castlelyons Coolagown Britway Dev.Co.Ltd. More clarification will be forthcoming at the next meeting.






The chairman thanked all who have supported and continue to support the draw. Ticket sales are holding all the time and the feedback is very positive. A great night was had in the Abbey Bar for the Jan. draw and the Feb. draw will be held in The Farriers Bar in Coolagown.




Community Alert


The chairman thanked the collectors and all who contributed to the recent church gate collection for the Community Alert Scheme in Muintir na Tire. The total for the collection came to €230.00.




Scrappage Scheme


Following on from the success of our scrap iron collection scheme last summer,some more scrap has been offered and collected for the Community Council amounting to €150. The chairman thanked Steven Brakespear for his help and to the donors. He also stated that the Community Council would be very grateful to any parishoners who have scrap iron to donate at any time during the year. €150 per month will go along way in our loan repayments.






The road at Boherlassa in Kilawillin was singled out for immediate repairs as potholes were in a very dangerous condition. Brendan O Gorman, local area engineer with Cork Co.Council is to be informed with a view to getting the road repaired as soon as possible. Other roads in need of attention should be brought up at the next meeting.




CES Scheme


The local Community Employment Scheme has been severely curtailed with a big reduction in the material grant available for 2012. This could mean cutbacks in flower planting ,lawn cutting and many other activities that we have come to take for granted over the last number of years. Let us hope the scheme will be reinstated fully for 2013.




Dog Litter


The subject of dog fouling again came up for discussion. Many members felt signs needed to be put up along the footpath from Castlelyons to Bridesbridge. The chairman stated that signs were erected in the Fr.Ferris Community Park and that people are becoming more aware of the need to bring dog droppings home with them in a bag. The danger to human health was highlighted, especially in an area where children would be at risk.




That concluded the Feb. meeting. Next meeting is on March 7th.

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