Castlelyons Pipe Band News

“The Pipe Band is one of the big success stories of Castlelyons Parish”, so said a local man returning home after having worked abroad for a long time. We in the band like to think that this is true. However a vital part of success is financial security. Since its beginning, about fifteen years ago, the weekly lotto has been our only means of fundraising. We do not have flag days, church gate collections or raffles. Our income has been in decline for quite a while now and at a recent meeting of the committee it was decided to increase the cost of the weekly lotto to €2 per week.


We would encourage more people to play our lotto, and we would welcome support from the other clubs in the parish to whom we have always given our services free of charge in the past. Of the three lotto draws in the parish ours is probably the easiest to win.


We would like to thank all our loyal supporters and ticket sellers, both within and outside the parish and look forward to your continued support in the future.


The new price comes into force from the first draw in December and this takes place on Wed the 7th of Dec in “The Peddlar’s Rock”.


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