Community Council December Meeting

A small attendance turned up at last nights (Dec.7th) monthly meeting. The issue of trimming the trees at the picnic park again came up and the chairman informed the meeting that he was awaiting clarification from Cork Co. Council before this could go ahead.


The staging of a “Cork Makes It” exhibition or similar event is to be looked into for the coming year.


With regard to the formation of a youth club, adult volunteers coming on board as supervisors is a big issue with only one person putting their name forward from the November newsletter report. It was then suggested that maybe a few bus outings a year to a cinema, Mahon Point, etc could be arranged rather than going down the formal route of forming a youth club and organising meetings. In any case it was felt that providing a social outlet for our teenagers was a good idea and if there are any interested youth or adults who would like to get involved in the formation of a youth group please contact any member of the Community Council or e-mail and hopefully something positive will come out of the venture.


The Trout Angling club were thanked for the riverside clean-up which they undertook over the last couple of weeks thus lessening any flood risk.


Lines for the Superdraw can still be bought with 11 monthly draws still remaining. chairman thanked all the individuals who had bought lines and the sub-committees and sports groups who also supported the draw. The next draw (Dec) is on at the Community Centre lounge at 9pm on Sat Dec 17th with refreshments available for all who wish to attend. Thank you to those people who have offered to make sandwiches etc. It is hoped that the Community Council sub-committees will also come along on the night and especially of course our ticket sellers who have worked so hard over the last 6 weeks. A meeting to hand in money for the Dec draw will take place next Wed night at 8.30pm at the Community Centre please have all money and lines sold, in for this night.


For the new year all sub-committees will be asked for a report at each monthly meeting to inform people of what is happening in their various groups and also a treasurers report once a year. It was pointed out that the Community Council being the governing body would be liable for any debts incurred by sub-committees unable to pay these.


The parish website is steadily increasing in popularity with both Youtube and Facebook also being used more and more. The chairman commented that the success of the website will depend on news items continually being sent in on a regular basis and this was now happening with clubs and groups using the facility more and more. He also asked all groups to send in meeting/event cancellations (not just bookings) as the website is now becoming a one-stop shop for all parish information. Sinéad Hickey was thanked for her input into the website along with our sponsors East Cork Oil and McDonnell Bros.


The issue of the Housing for the Elderly project was raised as a few parishoners had brought it up during the door to door ticket selling campaign. It was felt that this needed to be discussed in the new year and a final decision taken on the future plans and uses for the field.  All associated costs need to be finalised and the issue put to bed.


The first meeting of 2012 will be held on Wed Jan 4th at 8.30pm at the Community Centre.

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