Community Council November Monthly Meeting

At the November meeting of the Community Council the main topic of discussion was of course the monthly draw and how ticket sales are going. The first draw will be held on Sat.Nov.26th and we hope to meet every Wed. night until then to complete ticket sales. All members with full cards are asked to hand in the cards and money with corresponding names to Seamus Geary or James Parker. The response to date is very encouraging. Chairman Seamus Geary thanked all who have sold and bought tickets to date and expressed confidence that by the first draw all the cards would be full.


The formation of a youth club in the parish also came up for discussion.It was felt that the needs of the youth who were not interested in sport needed to be catered for. The youth clubs from neighbouring parishes are to be contacted with a view to getting information on what facilities and structures are needed to form a club but the most important(and most difficult) element,the meeting felt, was to get adults/parents involved to supervise and help out in the running of a club. Further information is to be available for the December meeting.


An outside request for a mobile chipper in the village did not receive favour, on several grounds. It was felt that people living in the village would be awoken with the noise levels and that it would also be a traffic and litter hazard. Several people spoke of problems that were encountered when a chipper was located in the village some years ago and felt these would again materialise if a chipper were to return.


Correspondence was received from Cork Co.Council reminding landowners to remove any possible blockages (fallen trees,debris etc.) from streams and rivers to allow for the flow of possible floodwater during the winter months. It was stated that the local Trout Anglers did this in alternate stretches of river each year and care is taken not to disturb fish spawning areas.


A meeting to evaluate ticket and card sales for the Superdraw will take place next Wed.night at 8.30pm at the community centre. Card sellers are asked to hand in any new names and full card details to the committee any time between 8.30 and 10pm.


The last Community Council meeting of 2011 will take place on Wednesday December 7th.

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