Community Super Draw *UPDATE

It is hoped to commence a community draw shortly to help reduce the debt from the various purchases and projects over the last number of years. The draw will begin on the last Saturday of October and continue for 12 months. €2000 in prizemoney will be given out each month. This will consist of a 1st prize of  1000, 2nd prize of €500 and 5 prizes of €100 plus a bonus prize for fully paid up members.

The debt has been accumulating since the Fr. Ferris field was purchased in 2000. The car park was added on followed by the childrens playground, the purchase of the field beside the church, the construction of the Fr. Ferris sports field, the lime kiln restoration, and finally the fully lit walkway around the perimeter of the Fr. Ferris Field. The total expenditure for all these projects has come to almost € 400,000 of which about € 80,000 remains outstanding. Tickets are priced at €10 /month ( € 2.25 / week ) and will be available shortly from any member of the Community Council.

We fully appreciate the difficult times we are in at the moment but we hope people can appreciate the value that is being got from all these worthwhile projects not to mention what the community would be like without them. Please support this community fundraising draw as best you can. Thank you.

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