Comunity Council – January Meeting

The Picnic Park
The overhanging trees have finally been cut and pruned back thanks to Cork Co. Council. The geese and ducks have survived the danger period and they seem to be in great form because of it. Unfortunately Gussie, our gander, seems to have become a law unto himself. Having avoided the Christmas dinner Gussie seems to be revelling in his new found freedom so much so that he has laid claim to the picnic park and its environs and does not take kindly to trespassers!!! Several people have commented how he patrols the area and can be “intimidating” to say the least to would be feeders. Apparently he’s getting ready for the breeding season and is protecting his harem (Molly and Polly). It was agreed to put up signs to warn people of the problem and the possibility of fencing off some of the park will also be considered.

Yet another mink was seen in the park recently but with Gussie on patrol …..


The Website
A discussion also took place about having a website page for votes of sympathy and condolences for deaths in the parish and outside. Sinéad is to be contacted to see if this would be possible. Some felt that inadvertently leaving someone out could be a problem but in general it was felt that it would be a nice personal touch from the community to those bereaved.



Formation of a Youth Group
The Community Council are organising a meeting on Thursday Jan. 26th to try to form a youth group for the teenagers in the parish. The meeting will commence at 8pm and it is hoped that as many parents and/or 12-18 year olds as possible will attend. It would be great if enough people will get involved to help with outings and social nights for our teenagers especially during the winter months. We have contacted both Rathcormac and Conna youth clubs and both have very successful and active groups. We are especially looking for feedback on the night as to what teenagers would be looking for from such a group and what can be provided. It is a relatively safe and good community in which we live and this should not be taken for granted. Putting some time and effort into supporting our teenagers would be a priceless investment for any community.


Housing for the Elderly
A meeting of the above sub-committee is to be arranged shortly to discuss the future of the field and the group itself. Government funding will not be forthcoming for the foreseeable future and the project will need to be put on hold. More details after the Feb. meeting.



The next Superdraw will take place at the Abbey Bar on Sat. 28th Jan. at 9pm. All tickets and money to be dropped at the Community Centre on the previous Wed. night (Jan. 25th at 8.30pm) .No lines will be sold on the night and the last chance to buy a line in the draw proper will be the Feb. draw. Your continued support is very much appreciated and we apologise if we have missed calling to anyone. You can still purchase a line from any member of the Community Council for €10 per month.



Musical Extravaganza
A musical extravaganza by our own Barrymore Players will take place on Sat. and Sun. March 24/25th. More details later. Keep your diary free.



Treasurers Report
James Parker reported that the loan repayment now stands at €75,150 and this should reduce more as the Superdraw goes on.


February Meeting
The next monthly meeting takes place on Wed Feb 1st at 8.30pm at the Community Centre.

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