End of an Era

The termination of the 8.30am Mass in Castlelyons signals the end of an era for that particular congregation. It came as no surprise in light of the departure of Fr. Danny Murphy that the Mass was going to be discontinued with an increased workload for our Parish Priest Fr.Coleman. Despite Mass attendance fluctuations in some areas it must be said that the 8.30am congregation was steadfast in its attendance down through the years. Summer or winter, hail, rain or snow, old time or new time, the same 50 or 60 people shook hands with one another every Sunday morning,spoke about the weather, the lotto winners, the prospects for a win in the championship and so on.
Now they will have to adapt to a new routine with the regular Sunday morning ritual fading into obscurity. However with change comes opportunity and maybe this change in direction will lead to something positive for our parish in other ways.

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