Fr. Ferris Park

A very useful meeting was held on Mon. night last to discuss all issues relating to the newly developed Fr. Ferris Park.  The ongoing maintenance of the field was discussed including landscaping,grasscutting and lighting.  It was decided to hire a grasscutter for the coming year as funds were not available to purchase a lawn or gangmower.  Thanks were expressed to Paul Hussey, Gene O Sullivan and Seamus Geary for cutting it throughout the past year.  The issue of dogs fouling the pitch and walkway was also discussed and it was decided to erect signs to alert people to the dangers this can cause and also to encourage people to bring a bag and take home their dog droppings.  The net behind the lower goals needs to be lowered and this is to be looked into.  Also subsidence in parts of the walkway was mentioned and this should be addressed as soon as possible.  Other issues that came up included the securing of the boundary fence along some parts of the perimeter and future plans/uses of the park.  The point was also made that the lighting in the walkway could be timed to go off earlier at night but it was also felt that people were using the walkway after children were gone to bed.  It was decided to have the lights switched off at 10.30pm instead of 11pm and this would be done when the clocks will be put back.   The next meeting will be held on Mon. Nov 14th at 8.30pm and it is hoped to form a committee from all the bodies / organisations that use the park on this night.

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