A great gathering was to be seen at Castlelyons Village Park at 12.15pm this afternoon to witness the release of the 20 Mallard ducks and 3 Embden geese into the Shanowennadrumina Stream. Headed up by Seamus and Donal the ducks took to their release literally “like ducks to water”! the geese were a bit more wary but once out of the pen they were in their element. It was fantastic to see the 23 birds swimming, diving and feeding within minutes of their release and we hope they will enjoy their newly extended home. A large group of children who came to see them were then given handfuls of special feed and they did a great job scattering it around which helped the birds settle into their newly extended home! 

This specially formulated pellet food can be purchased from Bobs shop at just 50c a bag. The proceeds will help to maintain and further develop the wildfowl population locally on behalf of Castlelyons Tidy Towns Group. (please dispose of these wrappers in the park bins)

No Mallards have been seen in this area (Picnic Park) for a long time, so now with the introduction now of Mallards and Embden Geese to the picnic park and with your help we hope this will be a new beginning and a pleasing feature for all to enjoy.

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Children feeding the ducks and geese which were released in the Village Park.


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