Castlelyons House

Associated families:

Ryder, Beecher, Fitzpatrick, Evangelos, Wolf, Mitterer.


The house is thought to have been late 18th or early 19th century and was possibly built by the Ryders who were living here in 1824.


The lodge that is there today used to be a horse stud where a blacksmith worked, along with several servants inside the house e.g. Gardeners, maids and cleaners.


In the 1930’s the house was bought by a Russian (name unknown), he sold it on to the Fitzgibbons, (a very big family, and are all buried in the old graveyard in Castlelyons.)


Once the Fitzgibbons had passed on the house was purchased by McAuliffes.


The house was then sold to a German gentleman (name unknown) along with 3½ acres of land. This man then completely restored the damaged house and converted the stable into a guest house.


It was sold on again then in the early 80’s to Mr. Wolfe and his family and servants which included a chauffeur.


In 1996, the house was bought off the banks for 275,000 punts by Felix Meittier, an Austrian writer and actor and he spent the next few years restoring the house, he had it fully re-wired and re-plumbed.  He lived there for 13 years and only sold the house in 2010 to the current owners Sebastian and Collette Green, from England and Dublin.




As of today Castlelyons House consists of:


• 10 bedrooms


• Kitchen


• Library


• Dining Room


• Pool Room


• Guest House


• And the surrounding 3 ½ acres was converted into a beautiful surrounding garden by Felix Meittier.




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