Nature & Wildlife from Castlelyons

Castlelyons Tidy Towns & Heritage Group

To make people more aware of our Natural Heritage (flora & fauna) around us  we in the Tidy Towns Group are hoping to have all the wild birds, butterflies, insects and mammals of the parish photographed over the next year or so with your help.


So what we are asking our parishioners to do….. is to take photographs of all wild birds, mammals and butterflies/insects found within a 10 mile radius of Castlelyons and email these to These photos will then be recorded in the Photo Gallery on the Parish Website where Albums will be set up under the different categories.


We are starting this project with Birds and so this album currently has a square for each bird that is native to our area, once we receive a photo of this bird it will be added to this space. The person who takes the picture will be acknowledged on each photo.  All wildlife has been documented (the birds, from the Bird Atlas survey carried out by Birdwatch Ireland  volunteers) as present…. in the general area so get snapping and lets add something new to our parish. Check out the Gallery here.




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