Release of Ducks in Picnic Park – This Sunday

The mallards which have been kept in the release pen for the last few weeks in the picnic park will be released this Sunday morning at 12.15 after Mass. Please feel free to come along and bring your children to feed them at any time. Special food packs, for the ducks, will be available to purchase at Bob Macs shop (by kind permission) at a cost of 50c each. Wewould ask that you would dispose of the packet in the container provided in the park when you are finished. The success of this project will depend on predators (cats,dogs,mink) being kept at bay, food being supplied on a regular basis, and a secure and peaceful habitat being available for the ducks-the help and vigilance of the public will ensure this so that this added attraction can be enjoyed by all for a long time to come.

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