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Information on the parish both historical and topical has been well documented throughout the years. At present the Community Council prints ” An Caisleanach ” every second week with all the various groups/organisations of the parish contributing their reports and updating the happenings and events on this newsletter. This is also available online and can be e-mailed to recipients if preferred. The printed version is available in both Castlelyons and Coolagown churches, the pubs,and also the shops in the parish.

The newsletter has been published for many years at this stage and was first started during the time Fr.David O Riordan was curate in the parish during the 1970’s. Many of these newsletters are still available. He also wrote a very full history of the parish in 1976 from the early history period through to the 20th century entitled “Castlelyons-David O Riordan”. A great amount of research went into this book and we are forever indebted to Fr. O Riordan for documenting this most important historical material.

In recent years several books were published relevant to Castlelyons Parish. These include the following:




•”Castlelyons Heritage Project“-a full analysis of all gravestones in the local graveyard dating from 1681 to 1991(1991)       



•”Britway-Castlelyons-Kilmagner Reunion 1991“-a compilation of stories/poems/historical events, topical news and photographs.(1991)   



•”Cherished Memories from Castlelyons“-true life stories and tales from our parishoners documented in book form.(2000)



” Walking in Fermoy, The Galtees and Surroundings” – a beautifully written book showing over 50 public walks (with maps,directions and photos) around the general Fermoy area including several around Castlelyons parish. (1999)














“Fermoy on the Blackwater” – by Bill Power  –   a fascinating insight into the history of Fermoy and its hinterland from the earliest times to the 20th century. (2009)















John O Connor Priest and Parson”  – glimpses of Rathcormac and Castlelyons in penal times by Tom Barry. A revealing account of life in 18th century Castlelyons and Rathcormac with enlightening facts and searching questions. (2010)




“By Bride and Blackwater” – Local history and traditions by Patrick Barry – a compilation of Patrick Barrys five books in one volume.  It comprises stories in poems and prose on a very wide range of topics from history to sport and country life. It takes us back to former days and is set in a period now almost forgotten. Everyone can find items of interest in it. (2003)




“Castlelyons and Bridebridge-Conservation and Design Statement”  –  by John Cronin & Associates-this guide to best practice planning and development for the villages was a well researched and thorough report for their future development.It received an award from the “Heritage Council”. (2004)





•”Castlelyons Heritage Trail“- a map and synopsis of all the historical features in the parish .(1990)    




•”Houses of Cork“-Vol.1-North by Anna-Maria Hajba-a brief synopsis of houses of historical significance in North Cork

including those in the parish of Castlelyons. (2002)    



•”Caislean Ui Liathain-1916-1966“-souvenir programme of the 50th anniversary commemoration ceremonies of 1916 in Castlelyons. (1966)    




•Various annual yearbooks from the 1970’s onwards.     



While some of these publications are now out of print they are still available locally. Contact for more information.


Video Clips

These are links to Youtube clips outlining the History of Castlleyons and were put together by Raymond Murray. For the purpose of Youtube they are in short clips and there are 6 clips in total.

Castlelyons History – Part I

Castlelyons History – Part II

Castlelyons History – Part III

Castlelyons History – Part IV

Castlelyons History – Part V

Castlelyons History – Part VI


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