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An Caisleanach 20.05.11 

Turkey Trot 2016

The annual Castlelyons 5K Turkey Trot will be held on the last Sunday before Xmas on December 18th at 11am together with a separate 4K Pudding Walk. All prizes will be spot prizes so any participant may win. There will be the usual high standard refreshments available afterwards in the Community Centre. Race & Walk Fee: Adults €10, Children €5 and Family Rate €20. To help us plan please register by checking out our Facebook Page:  Castlelyons & Bridesbridge – Tidy Towns & Heritage Group. Register before Dec 11th to avail of Early Bird Rate. This is a fundraising iniative to allow completion of further Tidy Towns projects around the village so your support is truly appreciated. Til then Happy Trotting and Happy Walking!

Castlelyons Carnival – Aug 2016




For the first time in years Castlelyons Carnival will come alive for one day.  Like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes, we hope the rebirth of this Carnival Day will be a success and we can build on it in the future.

“BALL RUN” This is a fundraiser to both help clear our debt on the Children’s Playground and Fr. Ferris Community Park.  We are in debt to the tune of 35K Euro.  We also have new projects in mind that we need to commence.  Balls are on sale at €5 each, please support this worthy cause.

CHILDREN’S FANCY DRESS will kick of the afternoon, commencing at the Community Centre and parading to Fr. Ferris Park for judging, a great opportunity for children to get dressed up and use a bit of imagination.  Come on parents…. Have your children participate.

IRELANDS SMALLES HORSE will be present on the day along with his Dam and Sire.  A must see for everyone and an opportunity to have your picture taken with him.

OLD TIME THRESHING will take place a trip down memory lane for some, a new experience for more.  Now a novelty, this was hard work at one time but was always classed as a community event with neighbours and their children attending and partaking in the event and hospitality.  It was a celebration of saving the harvest.  Some characters will attend!!  In conjunction with the Threshing we will have a Sheaf Throwing Competition, the aim is to find WHO can throw it the highest over a bar, a real test of strength.

CHILDRENS SPORTS.  With the help of St. Nick’s Athletic Club, we will have children’s sports, these should be fun events with something for children of all ages, we might even have events for Mammies and Daddies.

A PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO will be in situ and patrons may for a small fee, avail of having a family portrait in period costume in black & white and emailed to you, costumes will be provided so this is one for the family album. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY

GO KART COMPETITION this is a first for Castlelyons, patrons must build their own GO KART, there will be prizes for Best Built Go Kart, Best Decorated Go Kart and Best Dressed Team (2) in costume of their choice. We may even test them in a race at the end of the evening!! Come on lad’s…… and Dad’s…….. these are “big boy’s toys” too.

BAR B Q.  Two Celebrity Chef’s secured for us by Justin & Jenny Green Ballyvolane House will be available all day to meet your hunger pangs, you can avail of Burgers, Chips and minerals, we are indebted to Justin & Jenny for this great scoop, come along and meet these two well know faces.  Top Class Food Assured.

FORTUNE TELLERS will be available to help you see what might lay in store for you.  Madame Corrine and Madame Francesca from The Orient have obliged us, they recently attended an Astronomy Convention at Silver Spring Hotel and then went on tour around Ireland and are returning to Castlelyons as the last visit of their tour.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

A FERRET RUN will be a novel sideshow and a chance for you to make a few Euro, the Ferret’s will be with a professional handler and are a beautiful animal to see up close. Have a few Euro in your pocket …..

WELLINGTON THROWING this a great fun event, obviously the aim is to throw a wellington as far as you can.  Not as easy as it sounds, a bit more skilful than most participants would think there is a bit of a “knack” to it.

WELLINGTONS NEEDED PLEASE we need an assortment of Wellingtons in different sizes tom include children’s wellingtons, colour or condition does not matter, if you can help please drop wellingtons to Ann Hegarty Glenarouske, (5th house on your left hand side as you go toward Conna from Kenny’s Cross), single wellington’s will be accepted, just drop over the gate the more the merrier please.

CRAZY FOOTBALL MATCH you will see the craziest football match of all time, “they say that the women are worse than the men” well this will be proof of that, two teams of ladies like you never saw before of all shapes and sizes but all extremely competitive and either side won’t give in very easily and it could become rather quarrelsome quiet easily.  Both Captains Patricia Collins and Alana O’Regan have a history of being “Bitchy” to each other and should this present itself or rub off on either team, who knows what situation might develop.  We have invited a well know Referee from Kerry for the occasion Margaret (Maggie) O’Neil is known for her strict no nonsense stewardship and is known for utilising the RED CARD.  Don’t miss this extremely competitive and historic event, you won’t see another like it in a long time!!!!!!

CAKES< PLANTS< PRESERVES WANTED for our cake stall and tea stall we are relying on your efforts and good will to bake and donate to this ever popular stall, we will also welcome jams, preserves, plants and crafts they are a great fundraiser and much sought after by the public.  Should you wish to donate please contact Liz 086 8933162 or Lil 086 1940343. Thank you in advance.

BRIC A BRAC is always extremely popular, “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure” should you have anything you no longer use or need and is fit to be reused or useful to someone else we will gladly accept your items, maybe time clean out some cupboard, the garage or a look in the attic.  We all have items we no longer use so please consider donating to this worthy cause.  We will also accept ladies hand bags, shoulder bags of all types. Contact 086 8237538.

OBSTALE COURSE a fun obstacle course will be on hand to test the children’s endurance, this is very popular with children, as it is novel and different.

COW MILKING COMPETITION this should be great fun, the object being to milk the most milk from the cow in one minute, easy!!!! By no means easy, a bit trickier than one might think and it has its trade secrets, but everyone should have a go for the fun of it. Daisy the cow is very docile, belonging to James & Marie Murphy she is a family pet of over twenty years and has a habit of turning to lick whoever is milking her. Maybe you are a champion milker, who knows?

GUESS THE NAME OF THE DOLL this is a novel competition you have three attempts to write the correct name of the doll and the winner at the end of the evening gets to take her home. A beautiful doll awaits a new home.

STRAW LOTTO here you buy a straw for €1 and open it, each straw has a ticket in it the person who chooses the straw with the corresponding number wins €100.00.  Worth a go.

BEST DRESSED DOG this should be great fun, dress your dog in whatever takes your fancy and come along and you may win a novel prize, the more effort you put in the better your chances are.

OLD MOBILE PHONES WANTED. We would appreciate old mobile phones for recycling, we will have a collection point at the Carnival Day at the Tea Stall, it might be worthless to you but it is worth something to us.

We will have several other side shows and fun events such as Barrel Train, Pony & Gig Rides, Raffle for a large Hamper, Face Painting, Guess the weight of the cake, Kiddies Rides, Popcorn, Candy Floss, Ice Cream, Horse Shoe Throwing,

Please come along for a truly enjoyable fun filled day for all the Community, get to know your neighbours, invite your families and friend, bring a picnic,  help us develop the Community further for all our benefits, for the children and for future generations, we all have an equal share in this great community of ours, become involved.  There will be no strangers here, only friend’s you haven’t met yet.

See you on Sunday 28th.

Gone Barking Mad! Family Fun Dog Day

Gone Barking Mad will have a fun and educational theme to it and will have attractions to include Dog Agility and Dog Training Demonstrations, Dog Olympics and a Fun Dog Show. There will be face painting, a barrel train ride, refreshments, entertainment and lots more. There will be talks by Irish Guide Dogs and others covering topics such as Best Way to Approach a Dog, Essential First Aid and Essential Dog Care. There will be plenty of stalls to allow dog owners attend to their dog’s every need.


Gone Barking Mad will launch Green Dog Walking to County Cork and in so doing will increase awareness amongst dog owners of their responsibility to clean up after their dog. Cork County Council is supporting this initiative and there will be a lot of publicity closer to the date.

Easter Egg Hunt!!

Remember the date – Sun March 29th . . . a fun Easter Egg Hunt will take place in Castlelyons Village, along with other fun activities and a chance to meet the Easter Bunny. More details soon…



Parish Party – Sunday Jan 18th 2015

A quick reminder of our Parish Party this Sunday at the Community Centre Castlelyons @ 1pm. Dinner will be served at 1.30pm. 

We will have a reception on arrival, followed by full dinner, during the latter part of dinner you will be entertained by Castlelyons Gospel Choir and Jimmy Morrison and gang followed by the one and only Mick Hayes who will keep the party alive with music, song and dance. Hopefully many attending might have a “party piece”. This will be followed by tea and goodies before the evening ends.

This event is by Ticket Only, as we need to know definite numbers for our Chefs and for financial reasons we are charging a Nominal Fee of 5 Euro per person, this secures your seat. Tickets are available from Siun Spillane 086 4021213 or James 086 8237538.


“Tithe na Smaointe” – REPRINT

Last chance to buy “Tithe na Smaointe”

At a recent meeting of the Editorial Committee it was decided to do a re-print of the sold out Castlelyons parish book – “Tithe na Smaointe”.

The first print in early December saw all books sold out in 2 weeks leaving many people disappointed and without a copy of this once in a lifetime 700 page publication. The reprint will be sold at a cost price of €50 to be prepaid to any member of the committee.


Please contact Brigid on 025 36005 or 087 1263840 as soon as possible but no later than Tuesday January 21st to book your copy.

Christmas Carols by Candlelight

Christmas Carols by Candlelight will be held in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Coolagown on Friday 6th December at 7.30 pm. The Curraheen Church Choir, local guests and the schoolchildren of Kilmagner N.S will perform.

Please support this lovely concert. All proceeds go to Kilmagner school. All welcome.


THE BOOK!! “Tithe na Smointe” Now available!!!

The long awaited book on the homes of Castlelyons was launched on Saturday November 30th. This book is now available to buy from an member of the editorial committee and costs €25. 

This wonderful publication is a 700 page hard back book with over 1200 photographs and will be of great interest to anyone connected to our parish.

Please email admin@castlelyonsparish.com for further information. 


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